Friday, October 10, 2008

The Offer

You took from me
the man who sang
my demons into sleep
with whispered breaths
upon my ear.
And you offer up
yourself instead,
you who loosed
the demons
in my head,
as some sort of
But what is worth
a life of love,
of good night kisses,
summer days and ladybugs?
What makes you think
you can offer more
than what you've taken
from me?
Let me be amid my mirrors,
you are not given entry
any longer
to these rooms
of ever after.
The curtains are drawn
against the moonlight,
the stars are snuffed out,
let me play my own
heartstrings upon life's lute,
I need not your help.
The only light
that shines within
is the light we make
when love's let in.
So keep your promises.
I held the happiness
you claim to hold
and it is gone from my arms!
He's buried with your offer.

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