Friday, October 10, 2008

Caramel Covered Apples

Perhaps it is the force with which Fall presents itself, but I never cease to be moved by the dramatic nature of this specific season. It is not that it is a preferred season or a beautiful season, it’s that it is a season of remembering what you have, appreciating who you’re with, and straightening your priorities out around those things which are important: people.

One of the most tangible proofs of re-considered lives is the increased amount of home cooked meals that populate re-instituted family dinners. Sure, the gloomy weather, the beginning of school and the impending holidays all play a part, but there is something innately gratuitous which revives itself within humanity as we watch the earth and all its critters preparing for a season of sparse food and abundant hardships.

Out of the innumerable recipes that jump out of books into our kitchens there is one that is striking in its classic simplicity that strikes me as the embodiment of the season: Caramel Covered Apples. There is the sweetness of those held dear, and the tartness that comes with history and the promise of new memories to be made.

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