Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Living the Adventure

The clothes on our backs
and one or two besides,
no money for lunch or gas—
just my jeans, jacket and slippers.

It’s the adventure of a lifetime
for it is our life:
on our own, just him and I
two souls against the world.

Four diapers in his bag,
he misses his little bed,
but we snuggle close in my car
to keep each other warm.

"Momma, we go home now
want crackers, please" he says.
"Honey, we can’t" is all I say.
I can’t answer his question "why".

He still wakes me up
with giggling puppy dog kisses,
every day something new to play
(I make it a great big adventure).

Treasure hunts, hide and seek,
say our prayers then go to sleep,
my little boy is half my height
when will he realize our life?

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