Sunday, August 24, 2008

Waking Whispers

Dear Friend,

I keep waking with whispers falling from my lips onto the pillows
Like tears, and all I'm saying is your name. How is it thoughts of you are still weaving in and out of all other tapestries in progress within the looms of my mind?

I'm not even sure what role you are given in the stories told with those threads. Lover, friend, catalyst, equalizer, fire, water... you're everything. I never would have thought that another person could make me feel so at peace and yet so on fire all at once.

I don’t know whether I should keep writing you or let the winds of change fill our sales and take us in whatever directions beings not ourselves decide. How does one tell half of an infinite soul goodbye?

I have been broken again and again. Shattered, melted down and re-forged and it is that heat I felt in your eyes that perhaps burned brightest amidst all else. Unlike all the others fires rampaging through my life, however, that fire you shared from one soul into another consumed the others and left a barrier of scorched safety around my heart.

You burned right through me, took everything superfluous, if just for those few nights, and sent them spiraling into the heady dark air as the ashes of incense burned for prayers answered.

Thank you for that. Whatever you are, whoever you are, you are precious to me.

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