Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm just trying to remember
the way you felt inside me
when you slipped inside my mind
with your southern lullabies.

I still feel the weight of your words
like the weight of your body bearing
down on me till I rise up to yours.

And the heat of your breath
like the novas in your eyes
tempted to life by the sweet incense' glow
of conversation and philosophy.

The scent of you still lingers on
and follows me all night long as I dream
on a bed of shifting sands blown in
from where we were born again when the ends
of our worlds first did collide.

Remnants of what could have been,
ruins of what we'd began are
crumbling in a spiritual oasis.
But foundations are what we laid
before the day's dreams blocked our way
and let Time have his rabid chance.

These corner stones of you and I
forever will still lie buried within,
rooted in the grounds of our minds
in that place created one starless night:
two protostars burning for the first time.

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