Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Rainy Night

It rained today, baby,
as I steal bits and pieces
of my memories of you
to dream under the droplets.

I've always loved the rain;
percussion of it against the earth,
watching it dance through leaves,
standing out under the thunder clouds
feeling rooted in the earth
as I climb from drop to drop
up into the things of dreams.

Our place is so cold
without you in it.
I'm not dying without you
I can continue on just fine
I don't need you by my side
I just want you there is all.

I'm learning sometimes wants
are just as important as needs.
I miss you, nothing complicated,
nothing easy, just missing you.

I care enough
to let you go and understand
you are your own,
you are you children's,
you are your country's,
but you are not mine.

And the rain keeps coming
but it does nothing for me,
not this dream filled night.
All I see in those storm clouds
is the mind behind your eyes.

I race the wind
and bathe in rain,
exult in the thunder
and entreat the lighting.
An oddity embracing the storm.

By morning the rain is gone
and its tears have all dried.
I sit wondering at the sun
when the next storm will come.

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