Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Phoenix Breath

It is from the ashes of the past we are born. It is trial by fire, the burning away of what was, births us from what we were into what we are. It is a painful begetting from one self into another while yet retaining the original essence that circumstance has cluttered with the debris of personal bias.

There are those amongst us who are creatures especially close to what “other worldly” existences persist for they die and are reborn continually throughout the course of their lives. Theirs is a cycle of continual regeneration—of soul and mind and body. But what should happen if two such creatures should meet upon the apex of this cycle, their days of rebirth coinciding together?

What of these creatures that burn together, hot into the night, who exhaust themselves fending off the darkness of both the lonely night and the haunting pasts with the fire that burns within themselves. Each augmented by the fire held within the other?

Then, when the fires have burned away all material bounds leaving only the ash of what was, what magic will transpire when those two, rising up together from the same bed, follow the sun into the day leaving yesterday behind? What mingling of minds and souls occur when lovers die together only to live on together. Even if lost to one another what is that lasting bind created when two souls mix themselves during the process of reincarnation?

And in that sweet morning of new life, still bathed in the blood red dawn of turbulent times, it is those first shuddering breaths shared, sweet and deep with the effort of living, that awakens within them realization… awareness. As what mingles of their quintessence escapes through their exonerated exhalations, they lose their ethereal, ephemeral freedom and become once again entrapped within the realms, duties and complications of humanity.

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