Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is War!

My home has been invaded by these unwelcome soldiers. They have snuck in under the very noses of those in authority and those charged with the protection of this place. They will contaminate everything sweet here and taint all else in their wake.

They march tirelessly upon the tired, taking that which is not theirs through some sort of single-minded manifest destiny. There is nothing they do not touch. They take all they can make use of.

I killed them, killed all they could that had driven themselves into my home. Every little life snuffed out. I blockaded the one entrance I knew they had, set traps to prevent re-entry. It was an hour before they found or perhaps made another. I attacked the small trickling in of soldiers as quickly as I had seen it. I fear they will begin coming up through the very floor boards that support us.

Mercy is a luxury of the human heart too precious to be spent on the likes of these. Not a one must survive for the one will bring the many and the many will bring more. I have refrained from trapping too heavily in my son’s room. Though I wish to do all I can to protect that which is most precious to me I cannot risk harming him for the sake of overcoming my enemies.

Death to the insects!

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