Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Day

It was a hot summer day, as usual. The sun swung sluggishly across the sky, an eternal swing, pushed by the starry night underdog style. The lake was warm on the skin under that heavy heat.

They lay on the small wooden deck, all blue jeans and t-shirts, licking ice cream cones and talking of the absence to come. Would they write or call? Would they stay true or divide to meet up again? Smiles and laughter hid the sadness in their eyes, neither wished to taint their last summer day with tears.

Between the leaves, the shifting of the grass in the wind, the bees flying over clovers, small droplets of cherry vanilla ice cream fell forgotten for the day, the rocky road left forgotten within the grass.

The colors blend into one another upon the blanket, that last sacred day is falls to a close under a sun swinging away with night running in under just behind, storm clouds nipping at the heels.
As the rain poured down upon the summer day washing the colors upon the ground, and so melted away cherry vanilla upon the rocky road.

It was their summer day in a summer that was ending.

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