Sunday, April 12, 2009

Temptress 101

So, I’ve been around for a few millennia, I wouldn’t say that makes me all that old. Since the first human walked the earth and reveled in my beauty, I’ve been here. That was the day I was born, I suppose, the same day as humans or close to it at least.

No one has the power I have, except maybe for He-Who-Is-Unnamed by my kind. His name is enough to send any of US wailing away, our tails between our legs. But, He can’t stop US, not yet anyways. He won’t let himself.

Poor stickler, He’s too much of a goody-goody to let His anger spill out onto US… at least, so far. I know the day’s coming when He won’t allow US to live any longer, but it’s not today; that’s all that matters.

Speaking of today, I’ve had my eye on that tall, dark and handsome chap, subject #6576494. He thinks he’s doing so well, that he’s got everything together and he’s flexible enough to handle anything we can throw at him.

Oh, how I love his type! Their anguish always tastes better than the other in my opinion, not best, but better than most. He’s got a thing for redheads, obviously…pale skin and green eyes. An Irish-fetish, it would seem. I must admit, such a contrasting couple would look ever so appetizing; the dark with the light.

Easiest way to bring one of THEM down is to match dark with light. He’ll do nicely with that young thing I started on last month, Subject #8355925583. Shy little gal, but get them together and that’ll change soon enough. Can’t let any of those little standards of theirs survive.
After this, they won’t even have respect for themselves much less each other. Oh, the heartache, the regret, how delicious! How I love my work.

The key is to take it nice and slow, be real patient. After awhile, they’ll think it’s just the next, natural step, a furthering of their relationship. Then, before they know it, they’ll be a nice little family, or a family-to-be.

Oh, I can hardly wait! The panic, the strife, the I-Told-You-So’s and Your-Faults! Blame works ever so well with shame, the salty tangy flavor mixed with a rotting fruitiness. Such a marvelous delicatessen THEY shall create for me.

I need to place them together, guide them into one another’s arms… an accidental meeting. That’ll be the first step; gradually wearing down the conscience is going to be hard, especially with that redhead. Stubbornness is a wonderful Irish failing, but sometimes it works against US.

Either way, I’ll get his father out of the house one night. Get him to go see that lady friend I set him up with over the Internet. I’ll be killing two birds with one stone!
Get the father into bed with one woman, and his son in bed with another. Then, one of them will get pregnant, I’m counting on that. If not during the first round, setting up a second meeting will be even easier than the first. It’s always harder to get out of hot water once you’re in.

So, hypothetically, since Subject #6576494’s redhead is younger and more innocent, she won’t know all the ins and outs of it, pardon the pun. Oh, I feel all giggly and warm just thinking about the mess they’ll make of themselves when she finds herself pregnant. Such a sweet little child, still in high school, she won’t possibly be able to keep the baby.

Stupid humans, thinking a baby isn’t a baby because of its location and age. Deception and Intellectualism sure did their jobs well with that one, I must say. Pathetic humans, they’re so willing to delude themselves in order to feel better about their mistakes. It’s sumptuously satisfying! I’ll have my family members feeding off of them for years!

Anyways, she’ll have to have the child killed, aborted. Why, if her parents found out she’d be in ever so much trouble! Afterwards, they’ll feel so guilty and regretful about THE WHOLE RELATIONSHIP, they’ll break up, severing the spiritual tie they’ve made through their union. Absolutely delicious; the pain, anger, depression, it’ll be a smorgasbord of misery and scrumptious trauma.

He’ll need to find someone to fill her place as bed warmer, I can set him up with that brunette I’ve just been assigned. The ‘emotional scars’ will eventually turn up in their relationship, rocking the boat and causing problems between them and all other women, hey maybe even men, he tries to be with. Twist him gay, it’ll take a few years, but it’ll be wonderful, great fun.

Work, but fun nonetheless.

The abortion will tear that pretty little redhead up inside to no end. Her depressed state will make her more susceptible to entering the realm of drinking and drugs. I’ll have to make sure she meets up with some less ‘lighty’ people while she’s going through this. Maybe… oh, I can think about that later.

Either way, with her risk of breast cancer shooting up over fifty percent because of the abortion, if she lives another ten years after it, she can die a slow agonizing death as the caner overtakes the rest of her body.

How delicious! It’ll send her into an even worse depression; maybe even some bouts with self mutilation. Drugs and drinking definitely have a high probability of increasing in use. Oh, this is a no lose situation for US, and it all begins with me, just like before.

All of this and it all starts with me, wonderful me. Then again, I am one of the first of US made. My big brother, Pride was most likely first born, but who keeps track these days.

All I need to do is catch his eye, whisper in his ear. That’ll start the ball rolling and all I have to do after that is make sure the ball goes the direction I want it to: down hill. Don’t be nervous, I can do this. I’ve done it billions of times at least. All I have to do it stroll up behind him and be my lovely, seductive, charming self: Temptation.

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  1. I found this blog searching for "intellectualism, temptress" on google blogs. The reason? I'm a philosophy undergrad about to graduate, and my own critical lens has been turned against my own moralism and intellectualism. As a devout Protestant, I have come to wonder about how much intellectualism and moralism have to do with God's ten commandments and Jesus' enumerations on them. My conclusion? Moralism serves as a crutch, the kind which allows us to substitute God's meticulous care and the holy spirit's intercession with the fallacy that through legalism we can be perfect and holy. It is in the same manner as the pharisees who the Lord so vocally opposed, to the point that they put him to death. Also implicit in intellectualism and moralism is the rejection of women as temptresses, and the intellectual must hate what is feminine in both himself and the woman. That is why the Greek philosophers advocated homosexual relationships and atheists are some of the biggest moralists, struggling to an imagined perfection.

    Alas, quite a painful little "Screwtape Letters"-esque explication of vice by what I assume is a personification of temptress as either a demon or spirit. I object to the notion that she can turn the man gay, I'm always scared when homosexuality is discussed as a mental illness or an aquired trait (same thing?)

    Anyhow, I don't even know if this blog is updated any more, but I dropped a line.