Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hypothetically Priasmatic Nautre of the Christian Religion

I was thinking about refraction yesterday right before plummeting into a cozy little catnap, woke up thinking about something else entirely, and then returned to the thought’s stream line again before bed.

Let’s say, there is some cosmological miasma of an entity oozing about the metaphysical universe. Being an intelligent and conscious creature, it had a thought one day: “how do I reveal myself in an understandable way to creatures much more limited than myself”, how to stoop to, say, a human’s level. Being a species of systems and labels, this entity decided religion was a good bet because heaven knows revelation through nature didn’t exactly work out that great.

So, it filtered itself down through a Religious Prism so that humanity could understand it’s different parts, thereby having a better understanding of the whole, which still eludes us as the prism is what makes the invisible visible to us. We are not able to understand the original form merely one side of Its existence.

I will take Christianity as the filtering system. The three points of the Godhead, each with similar and unique character traits, are the three points of the Religious Prism this creature is filtered through. When this entity is refracted upon humanity, it projects upon the human souls the fractured characteristics of the whole. Hence the idea of varying spiritual gifts, different colored “auras” or temperaments, separated roles in life and soul, etc., because they are all merely pieces of the original sifted down into humanity as we can best assimilate, emulate and explain.

Now, I realize that this line of thinking could probably be considered heresy by most any and all Christian denominations, so I will label this as the artistic license of a writer exploring the religious systems of a fantastical world alive and well in my mind.

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