Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dance Around The Dream

Can you taste the tears
you kissed from my eyes
ages ago when you and I
were not so far
and not so distant
from the people
we had been.

Do you miss
the cigarettes
you burned
against the night
the addiction,
the distraction,
the dream,
the excuse,
the knowledge
held between
you and I?

Living deluded
while fully aware
within the dream
that upon the waking
we’ll touch what’s real
and dream what’s hidden
for it is as close as we have.

Do you realize yet
the truth
of what we had,
that we shared in
the loss of nothing,
the gain of greatness,
the depth of experience,
the memory of fantasy,
the breath of immortality,
the acknowledgement
of regret we buried
in pasts dead to us?

Can you still taste
that bitter-sweet honesty
high atop the little plateau
that cradled our injured sanities
and shook our foundations
of thought and theory
amidst trembling bodies

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