Monday, December 8, 2008

Who No One Sees

You're not who you pretend to be
And once it was someone you showed
You were proud of your frivolities
And the happiness it sowed
But now you seem ashamed of it
You'd rather be stoic and proud
A small laugh, then quit
No more sophomoric, or loud
Silly, perhaps, but so much fun
Before you grew up so old
We'd kiss and tease in open sun
But now, "Behave" I'm told
Last night, however, as I slept,
And you came in to bed
Though sleeping, still, while you crept
I felt your hand upon my head
Sweet boy of youth somehow come back
The one who kissed and laughed
Now played with a curl as I lay slack
And my mind blown and still, 'twas daft
While yet I slept, my mind ran about
As a cat in a home long needing to be moused
And then I dropped, like a coin in fount
Into the place where content was housed
The man you are, whom no one sees,
May be hidden, poised and crouched
Elusively playful, sweetly gentle, the tease
In a proper, serious youth is couched.

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