Monday, December 8, 2008

A Jealous Hunter

Oh Beloved of mine from so very long ago,
No happily ever after in the end to be ours
For I now stand a statuette of ice and snow
Left cold, bereft of your love's fiery powers

Death was always quite the jealous lover,
Coquettish as I am, it was folly to love you.
My humanity, with you, I did rediscover
But I was not meant for humanity to woo.

Death, my ever present childhood sweetheart
Has grown stronger than any heart's wings,
The prison he made me, his own work of art
As to my starving soul he psychotically clings.

Forgive me, for leading him to you, I pray!
Had I known he would come for you that night
Far from you, my love, I would forever stay.
But now you are gone, dead by my love's blight.

If only I could see you, one last time to say farewell,
Only to wish for one more last time after that.
I would have turned you away, as cruelly as Hell
To save you from the oppression of that granite slat.

 A woman should know not to tempt such a consort
But, ever selfish as we are, I did not think before I fell.
So now I return once again to his pale and dark court
And you are away in Heaven while I am in my hell.

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