Sunday, November 23, 2008

On A Hallow’s Night

Infused with spirits, we dance upon
floor and sheet and candle light
we watch ourselves within from beyond
in the entrapment of a pagan's write gone wrong
returned to itself as we return
to our minds, our faces, our homes and beds
when two are one and one is all
so lost in light's absence when boundaries are gone
ripped down and tossed off and beckoning in
souls wander the earth who were once lost
given one night for vengeance, for solace to placate
but when souls venture out of the bodies they hold
and mix and then switch and then lose all control
polarities created by the twining of strings
fate weaves with the hearts as the bodies they scream
for release of the mind and release of the soul
are nothing 'cept fusings of infinities and sins
so next Hallow's night when the soulless take reign
remember that losing may instead be gain.

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