Friday, October 10, 2008

In Defense Of Succubi

The idea that we corrupt men is first and foremost absurd. Do we know how to make a man happy: sure. Do we have qualms about significant others: not really. Sexual preference: nah. Which is why we get a bad rap, somehow, our innate ability to seduce a man makes us evil incarnate. Excuse me if I beg to differ, even we aren’t hot enough to be evil incarnate.

We’re pretty easy ourselves by the way, picky, but easy. The trick is staying easy. Not in a come and get it sort of way, but more of how we play with our chosen victims.

Sexuality is an integral part of human nature whether people choose to acknowledge it or not. In fact, those who refuse to accept that part of their humanity are a little extra fun. On average, they’re easier pray because they don’t fully understand the mechanics because they haven’t done the research.

I’m sorry, but if we are truly demonic in nature than we can only imitate the way things should be in an attempt to manipulate them. So, heads up choirgirls, we’re getting the guys because we’re clued in to how things are supposed to be so and manipulating it to work it to our advantage. We may not hold a flame to the real thing long term, but those hot nights make up for it.

Another thing people don’t seem to understand about sexuality is that it’s a sharing of souls and, therefore, the key to immortality. How else do you think creatures can last eons like we do and keep our girlish figures? It’s pure essence, no calories, and sweet as a babe’s first breath. Keep in mind that’s sexuality, not sex, two very different animals, there. One encompasses everything from kisses on down and the other is a single act.

We’ve mastered the mindset of taking more than we give out, so whereas in a healthy relationship the exchange would be balanced, we don’t just break even but we come out ahead. It’s basically masturbation with extra body parts and more mess.

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