Thursday, September 4, 2008

Touch of the Moon

She lays upon what she may
revealed within the moonlight
fair and insubstantial,
still as the quiet night's air.

‘Tis with the breath of lovers
she lifts her breasts to life,
the touch of stoked desires
she wakes and stirs restlessly.

She searches for her match
draped with the cloak of night;
Endymon, her legend says,
was the mortal man she took.

If perchance your eyes
should fall upon her own,
she'll take you in and love you…
leave your mind lost at night's end.

Invite the touch of muses
but of goddesses beware!
For once in their eyes you've fallen
you'll be trapped under their spell

Such romances are doomed
by nature and by pattern.
It will break the hearts of all involved
but the goddess must live on forever.

She'll keep on searching
for the prince that she lost,
leaving his nightly stand ins
mad - touched by moonlight

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