Monday, September 15, 2008

To One Night

Dear Friend,

You will happen upon this,
when I do not know,
and undoubtedly
your first thoughts will contain
the idea that I am fickle.
Then, in what may take moments
or may take years,
you will realize that I am not
as heartless
as once perceived.

You and I…
was a miraculous thing.
We breathed new life into creatures
struggling just to survive.
We gave each other,
in one night,
everything we needed.
Every desire
that had gone unmet and wanting
overflowed between us.
One night.

I cannot say
I have met someone,
for we have been close a great while,
but I am avowing myself to him,
more and more so every day.
We are rough, and fit
our odd curves and corners
together in unexpected ways.
Every day.

You of all people
the power of words
to bind and bond,
to betray and betroth
one soul unto another.
So it is with full knowledge
of harm and help
I write this in hopes
you shall read it,
know I care for your,
but must bid you the same
you demanded of me
in time gone by.

What you and I shared was
one of a kind and
will never be nor will be sought
to be duplicated anywhere else.

The past is precious,
but it is also gone from us.

I must move from the one night
into the every day
for it is what shall grant me
health and happiness
in the time to come.
I choose the path forward
and hope the same for you.

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