Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleep Full of Secrets

Early from bed
And late to return
to protect the open gates
that guard what lies within.

Should you awake
and watch from beside
you'll see me smile,
hear me laugh and cry.

I live other lives
within those gates,
dreams and nightmares both
I traverse through the night.

Names of lovers gone
and friends long dead,
of choices made in haste
or missed for too much thought.

If you ask me
while I sleep
what I see
beyond my lids...

You may get an answer
that makes some sense
but you may get one
of ridiculousness.

I am not myself
when I sleep,
yet never truer
to me either.

What do I dream?
Who do I see?
Of universes and stories.
Multitudes and I.

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