Sunday, September 14, 2008

Never Flinch Again

You've known me
since before I knew
some men never care
take what they want:
innocence and purity.
Corrupt desires spread
a taint across children.

You were there as I grew
from shaking to trembling
to mere flinching
as men walked by and turned
their heads and I tried
to blend into the shadows.

Then you were gone,
off living your life
making your way as I
kept stumbling through
my own life, flinching,
at every door,
every decision,
every touch upon my face.

Back again, a lifetime passed,
so different from who we were
yet so new and changed as well.
And you reached out to me,
afraid I'd still still flinch,
but instead I leaned into you,
and accepted what I'd always
turned away, pushed back.
I refuse to flinch any longer.

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