Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chameleon by Design

Her nature
does not change
but she blends,
of necessity,
to mold and match
her surroundings,
her influences,
for her safety,
and her pleasure.

It is how
she was made.

She reflects
deepest nights
to hide
amid the stars
and calm oceans
to augment
the ebb and flow
of communication
and inspiration.

She is…

The whore
on the corner,
the shy girl
in the choir loft,
a muse misplaced
within her own humanity,
the writer awake
into the wee hours of morn,
the artist vanguard--
wretched amid a myriad of media,
the climber pirouetting
between drop off and earth.
She is the tomboy
playing football in the mud,
and the princess
delicate, imposing and pristine.

She is a woman:
chameleon by design.

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