Friday, September 5, 2008

As I Am Or Not At All

Don't confine me
in your white picket fences
Don't expect me to stay
in a kitchen with the kids
don't expect this wild cat
to domesticate for the sake
of your dreams alone.
I"m still gonna prowl
through ordinary grass
finding the jungle
on the map of my mind.
I'm not your traditional
type of homemaker
not the cupcake baking
school board mom.
I'm the one out playing
in the sprinklers, the mud,
getting into trouble and all,
being a kid with my kid.
You want some apron toting
continuously pregnant
quiet voiced blond
leave this ass-kicking,
soccer playing, high-fiving
kid of a mom alone.
If you want to take me
it's as I am
or not at all.

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