Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You're Still So Good

At first glance you seem sincere,
those crocodile tears rolling down,
I can hear them dropping on the page
then I realize those are the same tears
you bottle and mix with your lies.

Second time through I take my time
the encryptess verse the encryptor!
My artist eye was naturally born
but the eye for detail trained
by you unbeknownst to you.

Summoned to light are your half truths.
Like black ink dropped into water
the smallest lie taints the whole
makes everything false,
makes everything wrong.

And yet, you had me caught again,
back in that dark place of sympathy
for mirages you spun with false prayers.
And you do it so well.

You're still so good,
at making me feel so wrong.
You have a talent for deception,
Babydoll, a talent for delusion.

At last glance, I see those tears
and remember the tears you cried
that last Christmas Eve
before your ultimate betrayal.

I remember, looking back,
how good you were,
and what exactly at,
and, baby,
you're still so good.

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