Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Friends

You say you want to be just friends
reconnect later, begin again,
but I’ve got to wonder,
with how you talk,
if it’s what you really want.

You ask what I dream,
what keeps me up at night,
would it have worked
if the timing was right
and I think to myself
“What does he want?”

You want to be friends,
you want to draw that line—
give us some space and time
to decide
but in the meantime
we’ll just be friends.

Are you content with that,
knowing where you’ve been?
Are you okay with me
seeing other men,
and letting them be
where last you were?

Are you okay with them
holding me close,
kissing my neck,
staying up at night
talk ‘bout life
and what we make of it?

I don’t mean to be cruel.
I know I’m inconvenient.
Funny thing about life
you got to take what you’re given,
but you keep holding back
for the good of us.

As long as you’re okay
just being friends,
talkin’ about dates
we had last weekend,
then fine, I guess,
let’s just be friends.

So don’t picture some guy
with his hands on my waist
don’t think about me
letting go at night
don’t ever recall
those nights we shared…

Because if all we are
is uncomplicated,
simple friends who talk
now and again
don’t think of me
letting other guys in
to places I wish you were.

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