Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dear Friend and Lover...

Dear Friend and Lover,

It's a beautiful night. The full moon's light has touched everything with that eerie essence of purity that sends mankind's darkest shadows shaking into the corners of their minds. That same light which blocks out the lesser of the stars so that only the brightest can be seen even in the high dark midnight sky. Can you feel the rhythm ebbing and flowing in that darkness, side stepping the stars and tickling the ears of those whose spirits soar high enough to hear it?

I wonder if you see the same light, the same moon, and the same stars from where you wander half a continent away, soon to be half a world away, from where I lay my head this night. Do you think of you and I together, or merely just me? Which is a sign and which is a warning?

It seems every answer we find leads us to so many more riddles, my dear one. What if love has a taste and it's that of your kiss? What if love has sound and it's that of our hearts beating together? What if its sight is that which we see through one another's eyes?

Perhaps we let our mediums control our thoughts too much, influence and mold that which we so desperately try to convey from soul to soul. How does one soul touch another? Is it translated from the soul through the mind and down into the body for expression? What are our words and how deeply do they resonate with the meaning we strive for? What are our bodies to us but a boundary between us and one another that yet creates a fathomless universe for a lifetime of exploration, because with that limitation an allowance is made for mystery?

So many questions we hold and so many uncertainties not just of spirit but of our corporeal circumstances as well. So many duties to which we have affianced ourselves, so many responsibilities to uphold promises to, so many pleasures we wonder if we should allow ourselves because of the decisions we have made in our lives.

So take a look at the sky this night and for a moment, let the innocence of that light wash over you. Perhaps it is the first time you'll ever be able to remember being in that state, maybe you will remain behind your walls in shadow, maybe you'll step into that light and mock the clarity it bestows as naivety. I do not know, but I ask you to step into that light this night, not necessarily to think of me, but to help find yourself… as we all must do.


Your Friend and Lover

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