Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Do We

We both say we expect nothing from each other, that we neither need nor want anything from one another. So why then do we continue to seek each other out? What is it we lay cursing ourselves for not doing or saying when we lay alone together at night, staring at the same stars from different sides of the world? What is it our mouths hide and our eyes hold barely in restraint? The impending night before us, spent in deserts and forests, under the shifting sands of time and the coppiced cathedrals of ages long gone.

Perhaps I presume too much, to assume what I see in your eyes is what's hidden in your head. But there are so many things within it is difficult to seperate them out. Humanity is continually seeing what they wish and not what is. Why do I bother with this? Why make myself plain to the world when it is the world that I cringe from: ambiguity is safe, anonimity free.

The air is tight with prophecy again, there is a crackling about today, a breaking of the present into the future. Something will happen this night, to whom I cannot fathom, and it probably won't even be recognized for its significance for many years to come, but it is there, just beneath the cracking surface. Today is like sugar glass, ready to shatter.

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