Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WARNING: Half Baked Idea Being Served

This WILL be developed further at a much more rested point of my life, probably near to distant future... yeah, interpret that, baby, waaaay too tired.

I am not realistically against the idea of war as it is a necessary evil though idealistically is another topic entirely.

America has lost its integrity. I am not against this war with Iraq because I do not know enough to hold a solid stance. I am not for this war with Iraq because I do not know enough to hold a solid stance.

The government has left the American people in a state of ignorance. The intentions of our government have become muddled in a mess of papers and legislature. Where is the Accountability? The honesty? The clear driven purpose that our forefathers enlightened our infant America with? America, as a country, has grown lazy, senile and forgetful in our old age.

We are asked to sign documents we do not understand to allow things we know nothing about! Perhaps, if the government finds itself unwilling to enlighten us willingly then we should correct the adolescent rebellions of our government against the intent of it house laws, its Constitution.

The government was set in place to guide its people and its people exist to guide the government. When one fails to remain true to course, the other must take responsibility for allowing the other to fall off course.

We are parents, one unto the other, and it is time for a reckoning.

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