Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lay Down With Me

It was a mess. Blood and tears covered the black and white tiled floor of the mansion like home. Bodies littered entryways and bedroom floors. Things had gone terribly wrong, it didn't matter whose opinion you asked, but nothing was worse than the destiny that lay chosen just slightly off center in the foyer.

A lover brought home to be introduced to the family in attempt to make things more than what they were, to receive the blessing of family and friends. It was an opportunity, a chance at happiness perhaps or at least a certain amount of mutual contentment. But it wa an opportunity for darker things as well.

It was just shortly after everyone had entered the home after having gone out to meet the newcomer in the driveway.

Somehow, just as the front door was shutting a swarm of black clad figures poured through the front door, weapons at the ready. Demands were made, people separated from one another in an attempt to frighten and weaken resolve and moral standing, the small child taken away in an entirely different direction.

There are those in this world who are Borders. They live on the border of dual existences; capable of anything though they cling to structure to keep themselves from crossing those invisible lines in the sand society has deemed the borders of normalcy. But when one such creature is pushed over the border, they are not merely on the other side of the line but it is as if they have fallen from one universe into another, the hidden abilities, the hidden traits that make them worth fearing released upon the world around them.

This is exactly what these attackers accomplished. The newcomer was a Border, and when in the company of others, even in this situation, was able to retain their grasp on their humanity. Once separated, however, that which lurked behind those eyes seen only in the formless shadows of lightless nights, took over. 'Twas then that the blood began flowing, beginning first with the captor that held those eyes apart from the others.

When all was said and done, bodies in black lay strewn across the home like dirty laundry, only two bodies not shielded in black lay shattered and broken upon the cold floor in a ray of sunshine that held neither hope nor warmth. A parent lay curled around the half headless child, their last words hanging in the air as the foreigner behind those eyes faded out of the Border, "One life to save how many others. Just one life, only one".

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