Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fevered Dreaming

Fever has curdled my sleep, it appears I have contracted what my son is now hopefully over. I dreamed again, I dreamed the same dream as my last fevered sleep.

A child finds her way into a realm of odd peoples and things not so unlike her own, a window in a tree the entryway, lit by the light of day, closed to any during dark, no matter which side whence they hail.

Their is a soul linked to the object that guided her, and when shecomes into its possesion, this treasure hunter enters the life of her and her siblings.

He pursues any who holds the charmed necklace. it is the intensity of the pursuit which frightened me. There was more to the story this time, you see, I saw more.

He was agile like a spider, and too obsessed to be clever, the chase lasted day into night and back into day and left me wondering which of us would exhaust ourselves first, and he was ever right behind me.

It was as if I'd been the youngling all along, our steps were one in the fleeing of ruthless, single-minded driven desire.

The chase finally ended with the last rays of the sun as she/I jumped into the potral one last time, the portal's powre seeping away as the light faded spitting us out into atime not our own though the world was correct.

There she grew as a child in an orphanage, until one day long after she had grown old and passed away, an aging set of siblings moved into a historic rellic of a building to find drawings and daydreams upon a hidden wall, finally given enlightenment as to what had happened to their sister whom they had lost so long ago.

I woke terrified and in shivers though my fever still kept my skin hot to the touch. Another dream returned again. I have so many that come back to me, so many set it travel patterns as if some kind ofm ental migration is occuring that signals these nightmares entrance.

As always, there is more to discover in my mind, more to root out and riddle away.

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