Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Leave me be
till sunrise,
till the birds
open in arias
and eye-spoken words,
the sun in our eyes,
and each other, all we see.

Embossed insignias
lay raised as Braille
upon these two souls
mingling as one, age-long,
evading the day's patrols
beneath the morning mist's veil
in sleeping bag cornucopias.

This moment--belong.
It is only this now.
All that we have.
Tomorrow is the attack,
gone the pre-dawn salve
as away upon the prow
of day dies the song.

Taken aback,
Preciously speechless,
in early morning light
we lay enthralled,
the mysterious night
trailing to a caress
striking an unknown lack.

Next morning, sprawled
in spaces too large
and somehow suffocating
for the sudden singularity,
the duality acquiescing
to freedom's surcharge
of souls recalled.

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