Monday, July 28, 2008

Dance of the Labyrinth

And here we dance again
with words to weave and entrap,
pretending at enlightenment.
this labyrinth we spin
around ourselves, you and I.

Separate yet together
in a spell of language
meaning multitudes to us
and meaning yet something
to those beyond
this dance, this trap,
this spell that binds
us one to one another.

One the angel and one the devil
then turn and step—
one becomes the other
and bound by balance
they return to formation;
weaving meaning behind
pretty words
to complicate what's plain.

So hiding behind ambiguity
as though ignorant
of what they see
behind their matching eyes.

And yet they continue on
in this game of hidden
where both already know
and fear to acknowledge
for who can build a labyrinth
without first knowing its key?

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