Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was a long night, simple as that in its complexity, nothing more and nothing less than the bearing of souls, a stripping of circumstance, material and pretenses. Eyes that looked and saw what was truly present, accepted the reality, the potentiality, the futility.

A deep night, to be sure, where words were not what were shared but rather the thoughts and emotions behind them, as if eyes spoke a language all unto themselves, they peered into one another and were swallowed together into the vastness within one another.

Understanding, respect, allure and mystery cultivated themselves that night in the darkness embraced by those two pairs of eyes.

And then they close, somehow entwining within one another though the bridge of sight is fogged by sleep. Then one, pulled away from the vast unconsciousness by distant screams and cries. Torn by desire and by necessity, a silent goodbye is given and the company dissolved.

In the light of morning the two wake, surrounded by the other though entirely alone, and both lay in the light after the night, bereft.

[Disclaimer: Severe poetic license was taken on the course of actual events in this piece.]

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